Upcoming Special Events and Workshops: MAY 2022 🌿😌


Mercury just shifted into retrograde so you may be experiencing a lottttt of inner shifts these days. Rest assured - each full moon carries with it the opportunity to start fresh.....to illuminate what is no longer serving you, lay a new foundation, and reignite the fire within using the energy of the universe as a guide. And this Full Flower Moon is a little extra something special because it is the first super moon of 2022 so we are realllyyyy going to be tapping in!

We will come together in ceremony to journal, meditate, breathe, and move our bodies to align our most potent self with the powerful and transformative energy of the moon.
"When you learn to control your breath you will learn to control your mind, and when you learn to control your mind you will gain control over every aspect of your life."

(Join for Full Moon Yoga, tonight 7:00-8:00pm)

Your mind is a high functioning, complex, built-in computer system that governs every aspect of your life. Through this workshop we will discuss the importance of organizing your mental space, apply it, and implement concrete action steps to forge forward with this new resource tucked into your toolbox.

Journaling. Breath work. Yoga. 
The act of forgiveness is a very potent and powerful practice; an intentional, voluntary, and deliberate  healing tool to restore yourself back to peace. Through this workshop you will gain a better understanding of forgiveness and its complexities, apply it first hand to your own life, and revel in the freedom and peace created through your efforts to cut ties with what no longer serves you.

Come prepared to dive deep into the untouched corners and dark crevices within; crack open the surface and create space for new, wholesome relationships and experiences.

Journaling. Breath work. Movement. Guided Meditation. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.

         LOCATION: The Reef | Downtown Newport

         WHAT TO EXPECT: This special event is truly the most perfect Sunday all rolled into one. Join Jessica Laudati harbor-side for a rejuvenating, gentle yoga flow immediately followed by a delicious brunch waiting at your table when you get off your mat!

Total Cost: $50pp
Includes a 60min yoga class, your choice of breakfast from select menu, 1 bloody Mary or 1 mimosa or 1 smoothie PLUS water, coffee, juices
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